Kaja Dobrovoljc

Research interests

  • Corpus linguistics
  • Dependency parsing
  • Discourse analysis
  • Spoken language
  • Natural language processing


  • Textlink: Structuring Discourse in Multilingual Europe (ISCH COST)
  • Parseme: Parsing and multi-word expressions (ICT COST)
  • SDJT

Selected publications

1. Kaja Dobrovoljc and Joakim Nivre. 2016. The Universal Dependencies Treebank of Spoken Slovenian. Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC '16). Portorož, Slovenija.

2. Kaja Dobrovoljc, Tomaž Erjavec and Simon Krek. 2017. The Sloleks Morphological Lexicon and its Future Development. V: V. Gorjanc, P. Gantar, I. Kosem, S. Krek (ur.). Dictionary of Modern Slovene: Problems and Solutions. Ljubljana: Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete.

3. Nikola Ljubešić, Kaja Dobrovoljc and Darja Fišer. 2015. *MWELex - MWE Lexica of Croatian, Slovene and Serbian extracted from parsed corpora. Informatica 39(3).

4. Špela Arhar Holdt and Kaja Dobrovoljc. 2016. Vrednost korpusa Janes za slovensko normativistiko. Slovenščina 2.0 4(2).

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