Špela Arhar Holdt


My work is in the field of corpus linguistics. I've participated in the creation of different corpus resources for Slovene, together with the development of their annotation systems and interface design. In my linguistic studies, I evolve, apply, and evaluate methodology for different types of corpus analyses. I'm especially interested in the procedures for extraction and application of corpus data for the needs of language didactics, standardisation, and grammar description. Research-wise, I'm also focusing on user studies aiming to identify language problems of Slovene speakers and provide solutions to these problems in the form of user-friendly language resources and tools.


1. ARHAR HOLDT, Špela, ČIBEJ, Jaka, ZWITTER VITEZ, Ana. Value of language-related questions and comments in digital media for lexicographical user research. International journal of lexicography, ISSN 1477-4577. doi: 10.1093/ijl/ecw017.

2. ARHAR HOLDT, Špela, KOSEM, Iztok, GANTAR, Polona. Corpus-based resources for L1 teaching: the case of Slovene. V: MARCUS-QUINN, Ann (ur.), HOURIGAN, Tríona (ur.). Handbook on digital learning for K-12 schools. [S. l.]: Springer, cop. 2017, str. 91-113.

3. ARHAR HOLDT, Špela, DOBROVOLJC, Kaja. Vrednost korpusa Janes za slovensko normativistiko. V: FIŠER, Darja (ur.). Računalniško posredovana komunikacija, Slovenščina 2.0, 2016, letn. 4, št. 2, str. 1-37.

4. LOGAR, Nataša, GRČAR, Miha, BRAKUS, Marko, ERJAVEC, Tomaž, ARHAR HOLDT, Špela, KREK, Simon. Korpusi slovenskega jezika Gigafida, KRES, ccGigafida in ccKRES : gradnja, vsebina, uporaba (Zbirka Sporazumevanje). 1. izd. Ljubljana: Trojina, zavod za uporabno slovenistiko: Fakulteta za družbene vede, 2012.



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