The fact that the research project is directed at the conceptualization of a language resource targeted at the teachers and students in bilingual education programs – in other words the conceptualization of a pedagogic language resource to be used in schools – is also reflected in the structure of the project team. Namely, the project team includes experts in lexicography, translation, the Hungarian language, the Slovenian language, language technologies, bilingual education and the issues of Hungarian national community. Team members have experience in the compilation of bilingual dictionaries and preparation of dictionary concepts, and have led and participated in projects that dealt with improving language and other skills of teachers at schools with bilingual education programs. The combined knowledge in different disciplines, provided by researchers from three partner institutions (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana; Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor; Institute for Ethnic Studies) brings a much needed interdisciplinarity to the project, for both the development of the dictionary concept as well for the dissemination of project results.