Slovene-Hungarian Dictionary

The comprehensive Slovenian-Hungarian Dictionary (SHD) is a long-term project at CJVT that is being financed since Summer 2018 with the infrastructural program, funded by the Slovenian Research Agency. The dictionary is based on the concept introduced between 2015 and 2018 in the scope of a target research programme lead by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. It is in line with modern lexicographic approaches that can be seen in bilingual dictionaries from esteemed international publishers such as Oxford University Press, Collins etc. Example entries are available at

Among other things, the dictionary will contain a larger amount of contextual data (typical lexical units, example sentences etc.) on word use compared to existing bilingual dictionaries for the language pair of Slovene and Hungarian. This e-dictionary will also contain other important elements for its users, such as audio recordings of all entry parts, connections to external resources (verb conjugation, noun declension) etc.


Centre for Language Resources and Technologies, University of Ljubljana
Večna pot 113, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The dictionary is being compiled by a team of Slovene lexicographers (ranging from experienced to young colleagues) and Hungarian translators who are closely collaborating with technical staff taking care of computer assistance and maintenance. The team is also working together with Hungarian institutions and experts that are supporting them when it comes to bilingual or orthographical questions and speech technologies.

Because the Comprehensive Slovenian-Hungarian Dictionary is introducing several novelties to bilingual lexicography in Slovenia, it is an important basis for all upcoming bilingual dictionaries with Slovene as a language pair. Consequently, we are specifically focusing on the technical side of dictionary compilation, e.g. by introducing a data model enabling a connection to several resources, adjusting and upgrading the Lexonomy dictionary tool for bilingual use, as well as by preparing a dictionary interface which will take advantage of digital media.