Digital dictionaries are designed with the characteristics of digital media and their users in mind.
A lexicon includes information about words, eg. parts of speech, inflections and accents.

Sloleks 2.0

Morphological Lexicon of Slovene

Sloleks 2.0 contains essential information on Slovene words, e.g. their part-of-speech category and their grammatical features. For each word, the database also contains all its inflected forms. All word form have been assigned accents and IPA transcriptions using automatic methods (using the eBralec speech synthesis system).

The Sloleks lexicon is intended both for language users who can browse the database through an online interface and find information on the inflectional, grammatical, and accentual features of Slovene word forms, as well as for developers of language technology applications.

Collocations 1.0

The Collocations Dictionary of Modern Slovene

This dictionary contains 35,989 headwords and 7,338,801 collocations. It is the first dictionary of collocations for Slovene and represents the first step towards filling the gap in the field of language resources for Slovene, particularly those aimed at facilitating language production. It is characterized by a phase-based entry representation, collocational data in context, and numerous filtering and sorting options.
It is a responsive dictionary, meaning that the compilation of the dictionary database is immediately followed by providing the language community with access to a large amount of relevant, albeit somewhat noisy language information.

Thesaurus of Modern Slovene 1.0

The Thesaurus of Modern Slovene

This thesaurus is the largest automatically generated open-access collection of Slovene synonyms and the first responsive dictionary that dynamically responds to chnages in language as well as the public opinion – it namely enables its users to add missing synonyms to the dictionary or vote on already existing entries. Unlike other similar language resources, the Thesaurus is based on a range of different databases and enables users to compare different synonyms based on their collocates and check their use in the Gigafida reference corpus of modern Slovene.


The Slovene lexical database
This lexical database is comprehensive syntactic and semantic description of a selected set of Slovene words. The description was based exclusively on the analysis of reference corpora of Slovene. Its wordlist was selected from 5,000 most frequent word in FidaPLUS and Gigafida corpora. In addition, we also considered a selection of words from school books in order to accommodate to the needs of school population. The database served as the primary source for preparing the concept of a new dictionary of modern Slovene.

Sloleks 1.0

Slovene Morphological Lexicon 1.0

Sloleks 1.0 is a lexicon of Slovene word forms. It contains, in an XML database, basic information on 100,000  Slovene words, especially their word class and related features. For each word, all its word forms are provided. Since Slovene is morphologically very rich language, each word has many word forms. Declension is typical of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals, verbs and adverbs. The first version of the lexicon was made as part of the project Communication in Slovene.