CJVT projects

The Centre’s projects aim to realise its goals and vision: planned and systematic long-term development of technologies, resources and tools for Slovene – to ensure that Slovene has a developed infrastructure.

Dictionary of Modern Slovene

The Proposal for the compilation of Dictionary of Modern Slovene is the basis for making an innovative dictionary for Slovene.

Slovene-Hungarian Dictionary

This long-term CJVT project is addressing the need for a modern Slovene-Hungarian dictionary on one hand and setting the methodological basis for contemporary bilingual lexicography in Slovenia.

The Gigafida Corpus

This project focuses on the maintenance of the reference corpus of (standard) written Slovene which serves for language research and compilation of modern dictionaries, grammars, training materials, and language technologies.

Thesaurus of Modern Slovene

The Thesaurus of Modern Slovene is the first responsive dictionary which uses language technology and crowdsourcing during compilation.

Collocations Dictionary of Slovene

The Collocations Dictionary contains the most frequent and typical word combinations which show natural language use by native speakers of Slovene.

Slovene Morphological Lexicon

The Slovene Morphological Lexicon contains essential information on Slovene words (e.g. their part-of-speech category) and their grammatical features.

Game of Words

The Game of Words is a mobile application in which players can test their knowledge on collocations and synonyms.


CJVT hosts a local installation of the opensource platform PyBossa which is used for crowdsourcing in linguistic tasks in CJVT-affiliated or supported projects.

Dictionary tools

Lexonomy is an opensource tool for dictionary writing which we use while compiling our resources. Additionally, we are involved in the development of this tool with several international partner institutions.