Game of Words

Game of Words is a mobile game in which players test their knowledge of Slovene by connecting, ranking and listing typical collocations and synonyms. The data is based entirely on our opensource language resources (The Collocations Dictionary of Modern Slovene and The Thesaurus of Modern Slovene).

The vision behind the app is to use these language resource databases for different language technology purposes. Thus, the game has two main aims: 1) Didactics – encouraging language learning in a playful way. This is important since such mobile apps for Slovene are very rare.

2) Improving our Slovene language resources by collecting input data from the players directly. This is in line with our efforts to include crowdsourcing in lexicography. In this aspect, we are also in close collaboration with several European partners (mainly through the ELEXIS project).

Game of Words is available on mobile devices (Android and iOS). Download, try and enjoy it!



Centre for Language Resources and Technologies, University of Ljubljana
Večna pot 113, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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