Thesaurus of Modern Slovene

In March 2018, CJVT published the Thesaurus of Modern Slovene. It is the most comprehensive open online collection of synonyms for Slovene that introduced a new type of language resource to the world: the responsive dictionary. Responsive dictionaries feature a completely automatically generated dictionary base that is developed step by step, with the collaboration of linguists and the interested public. The latter can add their own synonyms to the dictionary or vote on those already included.

The Thesaurus of Modern Slovene is completely digital, thus enabling linking to other language resources developed by CJVT (such as the Collocations Dictionary, the Slovene Morphological Lexicon or the Gigafida corpus). Users can compare headwords and synonyms based on the words they typically collocate with and directly see usage examples from contemporary Slovene texts.

The dictionary is meant for a wide range of users: writers, translators, journalists, teachers, those learning Slovene, or anyone else who might need to look up an extra word or two. More information about the dictionary is available on its website or on the promotional project website. We have also prepared some learning materials and video tutorials as part of this project.


Centre for Language Resources and Technologies, University of Ljubljana
Večna pot 113, SI-1000 Ljubljana