Resource launch: Morphological Lexicon of Slovene

On October 22nd 2019 we have launched the the newest version of the Slovene Morphological Lexicon Sloleks 2.0.

The new interface includes automatically assigned accents, automatically generated pronunciations (using the tool eBralec) as well as IPA transcriptions.

As is the case with other “responsive” language resources developed by CJVT, users can help improve the lexicon by up/downvoting the data and adding their own pronunciation.

Those that were not able to attend the launch event can watch two presentations on our Youtube channel.
– dr. Špela Arhar Holdt: Compiling Sloleks 2.0:
– Jaka Čibej: Sloleks 2.0 interface demo:

Sloleks 2.0 launch