Game of Words radio interview

The Centre for Language Resources and Technologies was invited to talk about its work, especially the Game of Words for the radio show Jezikovni pogovori (Language Talks) on Radio Ars.

Simon Krek and Iztok Kosem were talking about infrastructure support for Slovene, joining the European lexicographic network, natural language processing, and open data. Finally, they presented CJVT’s newet mobile app – the Game of Words, where players can test their knowledge of collocations (words that are located next to each other) and synonyms. The game has a didactic aspect and encourages learning while at the same time, it helps develop better language resources: the input data is checked and added to our dictionaries if appropriate. Through this fun use of crowdsourcing, our dictionaries are being updated to depict a real, ever-evolving language.

The interview is available on radio Ars’ website (Slovene only)