Project frame

The project “Development of a system for automated translation of Slovenian lectures into foreign languages” or Online Notes (ON) aims to develop a system that can machine translate Slovenian lectures into foreign languages in real time. The development is led by the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics of the University of Ljubljana in cooperation with the Centre for Language Resources and Technologies of the University of Ljubljana. The aim of the project is to increase the accessibility of lectures for foreign students at home and abroad and for target groups with sensory disabilities.

Project objective

The results of the project will benefit several groups: real time translations will make it easier for foreign students to follow lectures in Slovenian; transcripts in Slovenian will increase accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing; and lecture extracts and recordings, accessible via a dedicated portal, will be an excellent complement to electronic study materials.

A demonstration of how the system works can be seen in the video below (the video is in Slovene):


Watch a short demonstration of the interface, the transcription of Slovenian speech and its English machine translation:

Yearly reports

Yearly reports on the project development are available below (the reports are in Slovene).